Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Receptionist is a smart IVR system that is designed and set in a manner that connects the customers to the right department automatically. The AI-based receptionist is available 24 x7 and can operate efficiently without human intervention. This helps in tracking and monitoring performance and calls in a systematic ad effective manner.

Large and smaller businesses have started implementing AI-based receptionist as it helps in systemizing the process and work in an objective manner to give true performance reports.


Why choose our AI based Receptionist


Call Routing

Automatically routes customer calls to the concerned department and reduces bottlenecks.


Customer Engagment

Since AI receptionist routes call, customer engagement analysis can be tracked across departments.


Better Call Handling

All the calls are answered, even after business hours. This ensures good customer experience every single time.


CRM Integration

Can be easily integrated with CRM – all the customer calls, query is stored and accessible


No Human Intervention

Virtual receptionist can replace human receptionist. This saves manpower training and operational costs.


Tech Savvy

Using an AI based receptionist will make you and your business look ahead in technology and garner eyeballs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are algorithms that attempt to mimic things the way humans do.

Why should one take up this service?

Besides leveraging AI to drive business transformations , AI based receptionists are able to adapt and engage in more human-like conversations and enhance the user experience.