Suvega Digital Media offer Cloud Call Center Solutions where calls on cloud phone systems can be attended by agents from their mobile, tablet, PC, or any device. Sales and the customer support team can work remotely and take calls. One can add as many agents as your company needs behind a single number, making it a highly scalable solution.With a live panel, you can remotely supervise your team on the number of calls received, attended, missed, and time spent on calls daily.

For performance check-ups, you can also hear call recordings securely stored on the cloud. It is very easy to implement click-to-call service for your customer-facing team. There is zero Hardware requirement due to its cloud-based dependency and can be deployed instantly with low investment.


Top reasons why to choose Suvega Digital Media for SMS Services


Complete Solution

Eliminate the need for different service providers and leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to fulfill all your calling needs and get an edge over your competitors.


Easily Scalable

You can increase the number of user subscriptions for onsite or remote teams within a few hours, when required, and go back to the previous number when desired.



Cloud-based call center calling software solutions are much more affordable and easy to deploy as they do not require any additional hardware, infrastructural investments, or regular maintenance.


Enhanced Customer Service

Suvega Digital’s software with omnichannel routing ensures that all incoming customer calls are managed systematically, and all queries are resolved swiftly.


Remote Work Readiness

Let your agents work from home or any place of their convenience. The calls can land directly on their mobile phone.


Call Analytics & Reporting

Get access to detailed analysis and accurate reports with Suvega DIgital’s advanced call analytics and reporting tools which will arm you with real-time key information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is call center software?

Call center software is a telecommunication platform that automates call center operations and effectively processes large volumes of inbound and outbound calls. There are two basic types of call center solutions: on-premises call center, and cloud-based or virtual call center.

Can the Cloud Call Center Solution support multiple customer interaction channels, such as voice, text, web and social?

One of the greatest benefits of the cloud call center solution is that it eases omnichannel service integration. It eliminates the need for different service providers and leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to fulfill all your calling needs compettively.

Can the cloud really help better manage my call center traffic?

Yes, absolutely. One of the key advantages of a cloud call center solution is on-demand scalability. For instance, let’s say there are sudden spikes in traffic due to seasonal fluctuations or unexpected incidents, like a product recall or widespread service outage. Cloud call center Solutions ensures seamless delivery of high-volume proactive notifications via outbound voice and SMS. The solution can also ensure your IVR, other self-service portals and agents stay available and are ready to serve your customers at any time.

Why do businesses need cloud call center solutions for the remote workforce?

Dealing with increased customer expectations and work-from-home issues, it’s time for companies to do away with outdated PBX systems and move to the all-in-one cloud-based call center solution. Cloud call Center Solution offers flexibility to work from any location without any disruption, automate repetitive operations and provide quality customer support remotely.

Is it possible to migrate an existing premise contact center to the cloud?

Many large enterprises make the mistake of indefinitely postponing a cloud software migration out of concerns about the complexity of such an undertaking. At Suvega Digital Media, we can confidently ease the transition and ensure that your business experiences minimal downtime or interruptions of normal interactions.