Toll Free and IVR are one of the best and inexpensive ways for your customers to reach you in a professional way . Cloud based telephony solution on Toll Free & IVR enables you to run and manage your telephony infrastructure with a click of a button. No setup or management cost and unlimited scalability with ZERO infrastructural cost. Whether you want to increase the sales, handle huge traffic with ease, increase credibility, toll free number solution is there for you. A powerful platform that caters to all your business needs.


Here are the top reasons why you should choose Suvega Digital for IVR and Toll Free Services


Real Time Logs

Real-time call logs and analytics of IVR number provides you actual usage matrix. You get access to check number of missed and remaining calls


Call Recordings

IVR and Toll free provides you the flexibility to record incoming calls for future access. Call recordings can be later downloaded from the panel or via API.


Multiple Users

Incoming calls can be forwarded to multiple users , each user having a separate login. This gives user wise analytics report.


Call Analytics

Toll Free IVR number gives you accurate analytics about your team and the callers. This enables to assess team’s performance bases on these analytics.


Advance Call Forwarding

You can set multiple agents to attend calls with different forwarding types i.e. Parallel, Straight & Cyclic.


Unlimited level IVR

Our IVR and Toll free service allows you to create IVRs, which can be well integrated with your CRM software.


Agent Wise Report

Suvega Digital gives you the option of customized reporting. Through this, you can view and analyze each agent’s call report to track success rate.


Calls Customization

We give you the freedom to decide what you wish the customers to hear on first and subsequent calls. This enables you to engage customers and gives them relevant information.


Enhanced User experience

Our service ensures that the customer’s query gets resolved and they get to speak to the right person who can help them with what they are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tollfree Number ?

A toll-free number, better known as a 1800 number is a virtual number that allows the caller to transfer the charges of the call to the person who is being called . Lets say you called at a number “A” and you don’t get charged. Firm owing the number “A” pays for your call. That is a toll-free number and it is always in the form of 1800-XYZ-ABCD.

What details are required for Toll Free service activation?

For the purpose of KYC (as required by the government) we need the following documents :

  • – ID and Address Proof of the authorized person.
    – Company registration certificate
    – Board resolution to authorize the signing authority

The list of required documents may get updated as per the regulatory body.

What is the role of Users and Sub-Users?

Users are the unique agents who receive calls at the customer’s end. The total number of users in a plan varies depending upon the channels available in the plan and the plan rental.

What does "channels" refer to in the plan?

Channels are the paths to our server. Channels depicts how many calls a customer can receive simultaneously. For example, if in a plan there are 5 channels then only 5 simultaneous calls can be received on his number. If more than 5 calls are received at a time then system will reject those calls. Customer can see these rejected calls as “Missed Calls”.

What is FCV?

FCV means Free Call Value in Rupees provided every month to the customer, which is adjusted against the usage. FCV is only adjusted against the usage charges and SMS & Recordings are not included in it.