Suvega Digital provides unique long code or virtual number service that lets two-way global communications through SMS. With long-code services, enterprises are empowered with two-way communication capabilities using the familiar 10 digit mobile number. SMS short code , on the other hand, is a 5 digit number, provided by mobile network operators, on which data can be sent to the subscribers.

Suvega Digital is a leading dedicated SMS long code number provider in India to small and medium sized enterprises. Our SMS Long Code solutions and APIs have helped several organizations scale their business easily at an affordable price.


Here are the top reasons why you should choose Suvega Digital for SMS Services


Unlimited SMSes

With our service, you can shoot SMSes upto 10 Lac in a single shot – no limit for sending messages in a particular day.


Real Time Reporting

We provide an easy interface to know how many messages are received for each keyword and the delivery status of auto-replies.


Value Add Interactions

Long codes are a channel for value-added interactions. It also acts as a great marketing tool during Polls, Promotions and Surveys


Premium Numbers

You can choose from our set of 10 digit premium, fancy handpicked numbers which are patterned and easy to remember.


2 Way Communication

Our service enables 2-way communication with service engineers, sales forces and suppliers allowing audience to reply to the message received in way


Customized Service

Suvega Digital can both develop and manage customized services, based on your requirement, for better customer interaction.


SMS Auto Replies

For every incoming requests, you can setup instant automated SMS replies along with attachments, links and more. You can even schedule the response for a later time.


Multiple Channels

The Long codes can be fully functioning phone lines, so your customers can reach back to you on other channels in one seamless interaction.


Keywords Availability

Popular keywords are always available for long code. Get dedicated short codes and create unlimited Keywords using an easy to use control panel

Frequently Asked Questions

What are short codes?

SMS short code is a 5 digit number, provided by mobile network operators, on which data (SMS) can be sent by subscribers of the mobile operators. As opposed to 5 digit short codes, long codes have 10 digits and function as virtual phone numbers.

What are Long Codes?

Long Code SMS Services also known as a dedicated phone number or large number or virtual mobile number, is the reception mechanism used by business to receive voice calls and SMS Messages.

When are Long Code used?

Long codes are typically used by businesses as a call to action in their promotional messages. Users can use the long code to respond with SMS messages.

Which is better - Long Code or Short Code?

Both have their unique features and functionalities. Long codes work internationally and in this respect, are better than short codes that might be country-restricted. Popular keywords are always available for long code Another advantage of long code is that it allows 2-way communication, allowing audience to reply to the message received in way

What are the benefits of Long Code?

You remain sole owner of the number and have unlimited sub-keywords and keywords to control inbound and outbound messages. You can capture data as well as port it to your database for better analysis.