Missed Call service allows you to connect with your user base and get their contact details free of cost, easily and instantly. A Missed Call Campaign is an innovative way to connect with a target audience or prospects. Businesses advertise a phone number. When prospects dial this number, the call is terminated after a single ring. The caller is then called back using automated dialers. They are connected to an automated IVR message, a voice bot, a radio integration, or a live agent.


Why choose Suvega Digital for Missed Call services


No Cost

Missed call services increases engagement with absolutely no cost to be borne by the customer.


Lead Generation

When user leaves a missed call to your number, the data is captured in your CRM or a spreadsheet for further use.


Customer Verification

Besides OTPs, Missed call alert can be used for customer verification by giving a missed call to a certain number.


Opt In / Out

You can ask customers to opt in or opt out of your promotional campaign list using missed calls.



Our architecture allows that missed call followed by another customized action– call, automated SMS, voice bot etc.


Garner Support

Missed call is an easy way for Political parties, NGOs to garner support for their causes and campaigns like polls etc.


Web Based Panel

Check status of missed calls using Suvega’s web-based panel and you can operate it from anywhere.


CRM Integration

You can easily integrate CRM with missed call number. This helps in streamlining systems and efficiency.


Reporting & Analysis

Our robust call logging and reports ensure that actions are tracked and analysed easily for valuable insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Missed Call Alert?

Missed call alert service is a Cloud based Online telephony platform with own dedicated Missed call alert number.

How does the missed call service work ?

Under this service, there is a dedicated Missed call alert number. The caller will call the company on this mobile number. You will receive an auto confirmation message showing that the person’s name has already been registered. The caller’s name is thus stored in the records/database. An executive from the company will call on that required number to address the queries and questions of the caller.

How does Missed Call Alert service help?

Missed Call Alert service allows you to generate leads, elicit feedback, voting and business campaigns, mobile verification and other applications as per business requirements.

Will the caller's mobile operator levy any call charges?

No Call Charge is levied by any Mobile operator on the caller.

Is it possible to track the Geo-Location of the caller(S) using Missed Call Alert service?

Yes, in the call log you will be able to see operator Name, Telecom Circle Location.

Can I send a reply/welcome SMS, on every missed call registered on my Missed Call Alert number?

Yes, there is a facility to send reply SMS after any missed call received is on your toll free number.